Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Co-operative Revolution

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Every year The Co-operative supports thousands of initiatives both in the UK and the developing world, helping people to change the world around them. The Co-operative Group launched a TV ad on 7th March which told the story of the Rochdale Pioneers, the first successful co-operative back in 1844. This revolution is still going strong with over six million members across the UK spanning over 5,000 outlets including pharmacy, funerals, financial services and travel companies all contributing to a Community Fund.

This campaign highlights The Co-operative's ethical credentials and features real people including local community groups. One such group, Play Montgomeryshire, provides families with free or low cost activities that give children greater opportunity to learn through play.

One of their services, the Machynlleth Toy Library, came under threat of closure when its existing funding was cancelled. The library is a well-loved part of the local community, and Mieke and the Play Montgomeryshire team were determined to save it. The group approached The Co-operative and secured a donation of £2,000 from the Community Fund. As a result, they are now confident that the library will continue to serve local children.

The Co-operative Community Fund is funded by the money that members agree to donate from their share of the profits. In 2010 their generosity allowed them to make 1319 awards to local community projects.

I think it's fabulous that The Co-Operative are always giving something back to the community. and I'll be spreading the word in my village. If you want to get involved too, then you can vote for your favourite revolutions online or why not join the revolution and start your very own. Good luck!

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