Monday, 28 March 2011

How Do You Get Poo Off A Mattress?

*This is not a 'how to' guide - more a cry of help!*

Yesterday, in a hurry to get Little E dressed I decided to just change her on the bed. Normally I would always use a changing mat - just because Mister A used to have a habit of weeing whenever I removed his nappy. Little E has always been good - never done anything of the sort. Yesterday however I was attacked by a machine gun of baby poo mid change. I'd taken Little E's nappy away and had the new one in hand. Just as I lifted her legs to pop it underneath the evacuation took place. 

It went all over the bed, all over my leg, all over my hand, covered the clean nappy- it even managed to hit the carpet. Panic. 

What do you do? I only had one nappy in the room but it was covered in poop. I could mop up the mess but Id have no where to put the dirty wipes. What if more was to come out? I couldn't lift her without covering my clothes. I couldn't leave her because she was on the edge of the bed.

I eventually (after about 20 minutes) managed to 'baby wipe' everything up including Little E, leaving only a neat pile of poo covered wipes and nappies on my unread copy of OK Magazine. Downer. The sheet has since gone in the wash with copious amounts of Vanish but I can't seem to get rid of the poo circle from my mattress. Tips anyone?!

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