Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mister A Is His Own Imaginary Friend!

A couple of weeks ago Mister A asked me if I would play a game of Ben 10 with him. I like to join in with his imaginative games and soon we were both playing the role of Ben 10, fighting aliens and sporting Omnitrix. It wasn't long before Little E started to cry out for attention and so I suggested that we pause the game. "It's ok," Mister A said "Gwen will be fine." Gwen?! Yes it seems, Little E had been cast in the game. too A couple of minutes later Daddy came in. "Mister A, tell Daddy what we're playing." 

"That's not Daddy, it's Kevin!" The game continued and we all joined in. It was good fun and we all played along in the magical world of make-believe.

Chris and I thought the whole role play game was hilarious and when it was time to go to bed we naturally assumed the game was over. Later that night though, after Mister A had been asleep for a couple of hours I heard something. When I went to listen at the bottom of the stairs I couldn't hear his usual cries of "Mummy" instead a voice was crying out for Ben! The little monkey was still playing through the night time hours- even though he'd been asleep!!

After avoiding the game for a while, today we are back in the land of Ben 10. Only this time there are 2 Gwen's (me and Little E) and Daddy had resumed his role as Kevin. It would all be fine but  for the fact that Mister A will now not respond to his own name.

Earlier on I asked him "Who has left these toys out?" he replied with "It was Mister A, he's so naughty sometimes." I tried to contain my giggles but when I heard him telling 'Mister A' off in the hallway and sending him to the naughty step I couldn't contain it! 

Rather than having an imaginary friend - Mister A has made himself the imaginary friend and he is now Ben! Wish me luck - it's going to be a LONG weekend!

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