Sunday, 9 January 2011

Victoria is Pregnant! Will It Be A Girl for the Beckhams?

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Another celeb pregnancy has been announced! David & Victoria have announced that they are expecting their 4th child in the Summer.

Congratulations to them! They already have 3 boys Brooklyn (11) Romeo (8) and Cruz, (5) and it is reported that they are crossing their fingers for that longed for baby girl.

The Beckham's have said they're excited about a baby brother or sister for the boys but it has got me thinking about a programme I watched several months ago. It was about women that are so desperate to have a baby of a certain sex. There was a woman that had 6 boys and she was pregnant with her 7th child. We saw her lie down and await the results of her scan, when it was revealed that the lady was carrying yet another boy the woman cried her heart out. She was so upset and so desperate to have a girl.

I'm told that I'm lucky that I now have 'one of each' and I guess it's impossible to know how I'd feel if I was in a similar situation but is having one of each sex  really the perfect outcome? Surely having children of the same sex makes the financial burden less - siblings can share clothes and toys and maybe even have a greater bond. In my heart I believe I am lucky to have such beautiful children but I really don't think I'd mind whether they were boys or girls.

What do you think? How has your family panned out so far? Are you longing for a baby of the opposite sex?

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