Tuesday, 11 January 2011

DVT: What Am I Supposed To Do Next?

Today I got the call I've been waiting a long time for... "Your blood results are back, you'll be pleased to know that everything is fine, you're now on the correct dose of Clexane. We'll keep you on the 60mg now until your treatment ends on the 6th February."

Well that's good news isn't it? After 7 months of taking these bloody injections they manage to get me on the correct dose just 3 weeks before I stop taking them altogether. Well thanks very much NHS - what a sterling job you have done over that time. Much appreciated.

"So what happens after the 6th February?" I ask. "Nothing, that's it, your treatment is complete. Ok, well, it was nice to have met you... bye." I was stunned.


No ones told me what I'm to do next.

Do I just wear the sexy DVT tights forever? Or can I stop them too? Am I allowed to fly? Can I do long haul flights? Am I at risk of another DVT?


Anyone else know? Or shall I just hope for the best?!

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