Saturday, 15 January 2011

UK 'One Day, One Deal' Sites

Over the past few months I've started signing up to lots of 'one day, one deal' sites. I'm always buying gifts on here (months in advance) as well as buying pamper vouchers too. There's some great bargains to be had so I thought I'd share the sites with you...

Here for a Day is one of the newest daily deal sites and there have been some amazing branded items on there so far.

Today's deal...

iPod Shuffle £24.00 plus P&P £4


has become a familiar name in our household over the past few months. In fact on Friday I'm having my hair done courtesy of a Groupon voucher and a massage, manicure and pedicure next week. It's great for us mums who need to be pampered on a budget. There are local deals based on your nearest city and National deals too. Once purchased you just print off your voucher and call to book your discount 'experience'.

An example of one of today's deals...


Boffer always has quite a different mix of product with great savings on RRP. They usually offer a warranty too so you don't have the worry that you might have with similar sites and there's usually a Twitter comp to win whatever is on offer for the day. Look out for their periodically 'Crap Sacks' - essentially a lucky bag filled with a selection of goodies at a fab price. (Postage £2.99)

Todays deal...

Body Fat Scales £12.99

Ministry of Deals is one of the first deal sites I discovered. It's great for buying random gift items. Delivery is free and the service is great.

One of today's deals...

Bargain Box £10.00


Grab It Now claims to be a one deal a day site although they have loads of things on sale. It's not one of my favourite deal sites but thought I'd share anyway.

Today's deal...

Winter Shoe Ice Grippers £12.32 (Free Delivery)


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