Monday, 17 January 2011


The problem of Mister A asking for a dog like his friend has been solved! Last week Mister A and Little E were sent a soft toy each from IKEA.

Mister A was sent this lovely doggy which he has named Boxer...

GOSIG Bulldog £7.14

FABLER GRODA Comfort Blanket £3.05
...and Little E was sent this 'Freddy the Frog' comfort blanket which she's been sucking and nibbling on since it arrived! I'm sure Freddy will bear the brunt of this tooth when it eventually arrives and Mister A is happy that he now has his 'pet' dog!

The IKEA range is a favourite of ours as the toys are always soft and huggable and are suitable from birth as well as being great value.

IKEA have also just launched a new Facebook app called Toy Stories. It let's your children create their own book with illustrations! One of the characters is Mister A's doggy - Boxer - and we've been creating a book based on his birthday. It's great fun so make sure you take a look.

A bit from IKEA...

IKEA believe all children should have the opportunity to find and love their favourite toys. IKEA have developed a range of soft toys that will not only treat your little ones but will also provide a special companion. Toys help children to use their imaginations through creative play and also play a key role in helping children develop their emotions.

At IKEA one of our goals is to make the world play a little bit more. So we brought together parents, children and experts to produce the world’s largest study on play called the Playreport. We spoke to 8,000 parents and 3,000 children aged 7-12 from over 25 countries.

At IKEA we believe that play is the basis for how children learn, develop and become who they are. We wanted to research the state of play around the world. The research showed a lot of interesting results such as:

73% of children think it’s more fun to play with their parents than watch TV

89% of parents agree that play is to encourage their child’s imagination

Only 9% of children think play has to involve toys

Play is important as it allows creativity and imagination to flourish. It helps children work out relationships through social interaction. It allows children to understand what is happening in the world and explore new things.

As part of this we produced a Facebook page called ‘make the world play more’ to help parents exchange thoughts around play and development.


As well as the Facebook app, IKEA have also luanched a competition called Your Fridge Door – where you can upload a photo of your child’s artwork and each week a winner will be chosen and they will win a MALA art set. What are you waiting for? Go enter!

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