Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Trial At The Nursery

I can't believe it. 5 months have passed already. This morning was spent at the nursery filling out forms. Little E has had her induction and, as expected, she wasn't in the slightest bit bothered. I on the other hand felt all teary eyed at the thought of actually entering the building with her, never mind having to leave her there on her own! Today I stayed with her but on Monday she'll do 2 hours by herself... must remember those tissues!

It's so horrible and completely different than when I was going back to work after Mister A. I think, with your first, it's such a life changing experience that you almost want to go back to work to get a little bit of normality back in your life. I know that must sound really bad but last time round I was completely ready, I needed a break from the constant nappy changing and breast-feeding, this time however- things are different.

I'm used to having Mister A at home with me during the week. I'm used to seeing my little boy growing up in his own home rather than at Grandma's or at the nursery. The nappy changing and feeding of Little E doesn't bother me because we're at home as a family and we're having fun... I'm not home alone with no-one to talk to like I was before. I can't put it off, I know that for sure, but I'm not ready mentally to leave my children. Help! *Runs off to cry*

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