Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I've Been Analysed by a Grapholigist - Eeek!

The lovely Lord Dodo recently asked me to submit a doodle for National Doodle Day and If I did it then it would be analyst by a graphologist. If you're wondering what a graphologist is then the dictionary says that graphology is the study of handwriting, esp to analyse the writer's character.

I love stuff like that so whilst I was on the phone I let a doodle 'come out' and this is what I was left with....

My Doodle!
Interesting I know - I don't know why I drew the things I did but I have always drawn trees for as long as I can remember. So, do you want to know what this says about me? Here goes...

The whole construction is over–shadowed by the tree. This girl likes her influence to be felt and while she is reasonably sociable, she can be sharp tempered. She likes to be kept busy to help offset thinking/recalling an incident from the recent past that she won’t or can’t forget. There is a need to get away from it all that can sometimes get the better of her but there is so much going on she cannot or will not try to find the time.

Sadly this is all true! lol I couldn't believe it - Chris now says this is proof that I have a bad temper!


If you think it looks like fun then get involved! National Doodle Day is about having fun while raising funds to help people whose lives are affected by epilepsy. Since the very first National Doodle Day in 2004, over £200,000 has been raised!

Since 2004, National Doodle Day has supported the work of two charities, Epilepsy Action and the Neurofibromatosis Association. As from the 22 December 2010 the two charities amicably agreed to end this partnership. National Doodle Day is now solely owned by Epilepsy Action. All money raised by National Doodle Day now supports the work of Epilepsy Action only.

National Doodle Day has teamed up with the Dodo Pad. Doodlers have the opportunity to enter the National Doodle Day Competition with some fantastic prizes up for grabs as well as the chance of your doodle being featured in a future edition of the Dodo Pad diary and/or the Acad-Pad diary.

Dodo Pad diaries offer a brilliant solution to all of life’s dates and deadlines. The original Dodo Pad was created to aid organisation in the form of a spiral bound, lie flat, almost impossible to lose (due to the nature of its annually altering, brightly coloured cover) desk diary. It now comes in several more formats to suit all tastes; as a wall pad calendar, a mini pocket diary, loose-leaf and as Filofax-compatible inserts.

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