Monday, 17 January 2011

7 Random Things About Me...

Well, I've just been tagged with this lovely award by one of my favourite bloggers Slummy Single Mummy who I actually met at the Gurgle Awards last year. I've never been tagged before... or called stylish for that matter but I shall graciously accept this tiny picture (even though it was only a fluke that I appeared in her Twitter feed) and follow the instructions from her post.

So... I've acknowledged the wonderful lady who gave me the award, now I have to pay her a compliment. Hmmm... I'm not good with compliments... she's pretty and she makes me snort with laughter quite regularly. *Tick*

Now have to tell you seven interesting things about myself.

OK... well thanks for that... erm... I'm not sure about interesting but random I can goes...

1) Sometimes I don't pay attention when I get dressed in the morning and I often go out wearing my clothes inside out. The most spectacular 'boob' of this nature saw me wear a dress inside out to work. This was pointed out to me after approximately 3 hours of sniggering behind my back - thanks for that work 'friends'!

2) Whenever I accidently make a nobby of myself by wearing my clothes inside out I always win something. FACT.

3) I once jumped out of an aeroplane at 10,000ft strapped to a 60 year old podgy bloke that looked a bit like Anthony Worrall-Thompson.

4) A psychic predicted the conception and birth of Little E in October 2009 stating that I would be pregnant by Christmas. I was. He also predicted the birth of my third and final child in 2011. Eeeeek!  *Runs off to check contraception is in place*

5) I once had my picture of a parrot featured in the gallery of Tony Hart's Hartbeat. I know - beat that!

6) I used to be obsessed with the TV show Most Haunted (my mums fault) and when I went to see Most Haunted Live! in Blackpool in 2004, I was the audience member that went on a vigil with Yvette Fielding to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. Derek Acorah got 'taken over' by the spirit of a shrunken head in front of my very eyes.

and finally...

7) I feature on the Most Haunted Live! 8 DVD - there's a full interview with me about my experience combined with lots of green night vision shots of my pretty face. *Holds head in shame but thinks 'hey.. I don't care if you're laughing at me - you're not on a DVD in HMV are you?'*

So there you go, 7 random facts about me. Now all I have to do is tag 15 (yes 15!!!) other bloggers. Thanks Jo... I'm sure I'll be very popular after this!

Here goes, the lucky people randomly selected from my reader are...

1. A Mothers Ramblings, 2. Regards Rainbow, 3. Adventures of An English Mum, 4. Domestic Godd-esque, 5. And Then There Were 3, 6. Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy, 7. Typecast, 8. The Five Fs Blog, 9. Mummy of 3 Diaries 10. Baby Budgeting, 11. Me And My Shadow, 12. Mummy Loves, 13. Mummy's Little Monkey, 14. notSupermum, 15. Oh the GLAMOUR!

Please find yourself officially tagged...(oh.. and don't hurt me).. blame Jo.

: )

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