Monday, 6 September 2010

Review: Boppy Feeding Pillow from Chicco

I was recently offered the chance to test one of America's best selling feeding pillows - the Boppy - and I jumped at the chance. I breastfed Mister A exclusively for 6 months and this time round I plan to do the same with Little E so for the past 2 weeks I have been using this 'wonder product'.

The Boppy was launched in the UK this year by Chicco and is stocked exclusively through Mothercare. The feeding pillow is available from £49.99 with covers starting from £12.99.

So what do Mothercare say about the Boppy?

•Multi-purpose feeding and support pillow

•Boppy has scientifically studied ergonomic shape to ensure mother and baby breastfeed in exactly the right position. This helps relieve stress and tension, making feeding peaceful for both parent and baby, aiding bonding

•After feeding, sitting propped up helps reduce the risk of reflux

•Boppy turns into baby's very own nest where they can sit and relax safely

Mummy's Verdict...

To be honest I was worried when the Boppy first arrived, it was really bulky and quite heavy and I have to admit I didn't think it was going to become such a big part of my daily routine. When I used to feed Mister A I would just grab a cushion or a blanket for support but I would often end up with a sore back and neck. 

The Boppy is ergonomically shaped and wraps around your body. It is quite a tight fit but I think it's meant to be - it's all about support. When I'm 'wearing' the Boppy, Little E seems to be in a great position for latching on and we always have a nice relaxing feed. There's no stress and more importantly there's no back ache - so that makes for a happy mummy!

It's great for cuddles too - I've started using the Boppy when I'm watching TV and Ellissia will just lie on the pillow and snuggle in to me so we are having lots of bonding time now.

When Little E is a bit older we will use it as a support cushion to help her sit up.

All in all it's a great product. Yes, it's expensive but it's a good investment if you're planning to breast feed for a good few months and if you are planning more than one baby. I always like to think of things on a 'cost per use' basis - even if you only use the pillow 3 times a day for 6 months- then that's only around 10p per feed. Value for money I'd say.

The only downside is that it's too big to take it out with you on your travels!

Daddy's verdict...

Even Chris has been using the Boppy too when he's winding Little E after feeds. He finds it really comfortable for both him and her.

So all in all I think the Boppy is great and I'm recommending it to all breast feeding mums.

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  1. I used a boppy for both of my kids (they are huge in America). I never used them for feeding, just for propping up the babies. They would sleep in them, even though the tag says they aren't suppose to. Then when they were learning to sit up I put the boppy around them in case they tumbled over.

  2. I had a similar pillow (Boppy wasn't in the UK yet) w both boys, and the pillows were completely worth the space they took up in our tiny flat! One of my guys was very sick (developed asthma and reflux after bronchiolitis) and we used the pillow to prop him up so he could sleep AND breathe.