Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Review: Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder

When I heard that Olay were looking for bloggers to trial their new Wake Up Wonder product I jumped at the chance. Knowing the sleepless nights that a baby brings I knew I was definitely going to need something to make me look alive again for all of our visitors so I was excited to receive an email to confirm I had been selected.

The sample arrived whilst I was in hospital after having Ellissia and as most of you will know things didn't quite go to plan - I lost a litre of blood and ended up in theatre. As you can appreciate, I was naturally drained of energy after giving birth and having lost so much blood I was looking rather grey so I asked Chris to bring it in for me so that I could start the trail and I've been using it ever since.

So what are Olay saying about Wake Up Wonder?

Olay Total Effects Wake up Wonder is a lightweight anti-aging moisturiser providing 7 anti-aging effects in 1 product, to wake up your creased, tired looking skin.
Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder has a new lightweight formula to address the first signs of ageing with 7 age defying effects to wake up creased tired looking skin

How does it work?

Incorporating effective levels of cooling moisture with an intense anti-ageing complex of Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, the multi-tasking formula of Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder works on 7 signs of ageing because it helps skin re-awaken from the skin dryness cycle.

Sounds Good

So let's talk about my skin...

Over the past few months I've used so many lotions and potions on my tummy in a vain attempt to avoid stretch marks but I have to admit I have completely neglected my face

During the first few months of pregnancy my hormones were all over the place and I suffered from greasy skin and spots. I stopped using my usual moisturiser and used a medicated version instead but only when my skin flared up.

To be honest I didn't really have time to think about a morning skin care routine- I was getting up at 5.45, suffering from morning sickness before waking up my son, dressing and feeding him, taking him to nursery then heading off for busy day at work. A slick of foundation and a bit of bronzer was all I could manage.

Now I am on maternity leave I am just as busy and even more tired from those 4am feeds but I can definitely spare a few minutes in the morning to apply this new 'wonder product' if there's a chance I might look a little less 'bleurgh'.

The cream itself is feels quite luxurious and I loved the feel of it on my skin. It's not greasy either and my skin soaked it right in without leaving me with a shine. I let my mum have a try too and she's already bought her own!
So 10 days on - what's the verdict?

Well I've been out a few times now since Ellissia arrived and we've had lots of visitors round and everybody has commented on how great I look (although this may be just something that people say to all new mums!). My skin does feel softer and I haven't had any outbreaks - something I seem prone to usually when I switch product. When you apply the cream the mint extract really does 'wake up' your skin - not so much to make it tingle it just gives you a fresh feeling.

It's also supposed to fight the first signs of ageing which I suppose I'm starting to get at the grand old age of 28!

I really like this product, although there is a down side - I'm not sure my other half will allow me to spend £13.99 per 30ml. It is a little pricey and as yet I'm not sure whether this is good value or not (I'll let you know how long it lasts!) If you are on a budget like me, then never fear - Boots have Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder on offer at the moment for only £7.99! Well worth it!

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