Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mister A Reviews... The Leapster 2

As you know Mister A loves to learn and if there's one thing he loves more than that, it's getting a new toy - so the arrival of the Leapster 2 was a great day in our house!

It arrived with the Mr Pencil's Learn to Draw & Write Game which is fab because A has learnt to write his own name and we're trying to get him to practice other letters.

We weren't sure how he'd take to the Leapster 2 as Mister A has been playing some educational games on the much more expensive Nintendo DS but he was soon engrossed...
Playing "the letter game"

Mummy's Verdict...

Mister A has really progressed with his individual letter writing. He has perfected his own name and he's so proud of himself. He loves the games but he also sees the handwriting as a fun game too as he follows the instructions and writes over the dotted lines. As a letter appears he shouts what it is before going ahead and completing the letter with the pen. He's always asking me to "Put the letter game on Mummy".

The Leapster 2 connects to your home PC too so that you can download certificates and extra games and there's a parent area where you can see which games your child is most engaged with and how they are progressing.

I think it's a great learning tool and priced at around £40 it's quite good value. The only downside is that new cartridges are quite pricey at around £20 each but if you shop around you can usually make a saving if you buy 2 at a time.

Mister A has been playing with it for a good few weeks now so what did he think?

He loves it - he sometimes gets frustrated that the screen isn't sensitive enough and doesn't register where he is putting the pen properly but other than that he thinks it's great. He can play on it for hours at a time and it's great that he is learning too. There is also a draw and paint facility where you can then upload completed artworks and share them online.

What's the verdict then?

A big thumbs up for the Leapster 2

The LeapFrog Leapster 2 was sent free of charge to enable this review.

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