Thursday, 2 September 2010

No of course I am not back in my jeans yet!

11 days ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - I now have 2 wonderful children and I am enjoying every minute of it but something has just really, really annoyed me.

I've just heard that someone has asked the dreaded question...

"Is she back in her pre-pregnancy jeans yet?"

FFS!!!! No of course I am not back in my jeans yet and quite frankly it's rude of you to ask!

My daughter isn't even 2 weeks old yet and to be honest I've only just started to get dressed in the mornings, never mind start getting in to shape!

I haven't actually tried my pre-pregnancy jeans on yet and for all I know they might fit me but I don't want to try them on - I don't want to know either way. I don't want the pressure of knowing that I 'have' to lose weight, I just feel that I want to. After all, we all know what happens when you know you 'have to' do something - it becomes increasingly likely that you won't be motivated enough to do it! I'd rather just be ignorant to the possibility and lose weight without knowing if I need to.

Clearly after such a short space of time I still have what I am calling the 'baby droop'. We all know it - that little bit of tummy where the baby was, the bit that likes to hang over your knicker line but am I really the only woman out there that isn't in a 'celeb style' rush to get back in to shape?

Yes I want to get my 'old body' back but why should I feel pressured in to doing it by anybody else? I'll do it in my own time thanks - let's just wait 'til I get my energy back eh? In the meantime, maybe you should think about your own fitness regime - I'm not sure you're even back in your pre-pregnancy jeans yet Mrs and your kids are almost grown-ups!



  1. Huge congratulations shes a peach...what have you called her (you can let know in private if you'd rather! ) she adorable and your a gorgeous beautiful lovely mummy whose perfomend an amazing miracle. Nuff said x

  2. Honey, my son is 2 1/2 [ he's my second] and I totally agree with you. Unlees you are rich and equipped with a trainer and a cook it takes a bit of time for weight to go, and after all this time I am still waiting. I would be seriously ticked off. Just ignore them, your kids are beautiful, and any little folds we still have are badges of honour for the lives we have created x

  3. I got dressed at 4 months, began "moving" at 5 months, walking/running at 6 months, and really kicked it into gear around 11 months. There is pressure, but enjoy your little girl! :) xx

  4. This kind of comment drives me nuts! It took 9 months for your body to adjust to baby and it needs at least 9 months to recover! I recall someone asking me if I was back in my own jeans and I replied with a deadpan face "who elses would I be in?"

    You just enjoy your baby girl! Congratulations x

  5. People can be so rude! I often feel that being pregant makes you 'public property' people touch your bump without asking, ask inappropriate questions about the birth, make comments on your size/shape during prengancy and after... WTF is that? And these are things I have just witnessed, I don't even have any children (yet - fingers crossed) so I think I'd like to go into hiding for the duration!

  6. Hazel you hit the nail on the head, the one and only part i didn't like about being pregnant was being public property! People can be so inconsiderate!!

    My baby boy is 8 wks tomorrow and i haven't tried my jeans either - only because it's been too hot in Cornwall for jeans! Never occured to me to try them on to find out either.....

    Bugger everyone else, just enjoy your brand new baby girl, you deserve it! Congratulations x

  7. 9 months on, 9 months off. For me it took 11 months to get back to my pre baby weight and into my pre baby jeans. The person that asked that should be ashamed of themselves. I personally feel if you have a new baby you should concentrate on them for the first few months, not worrying about losing weight.

  8. My response would be 'why would I want to be in my pre-pregnancy jeans? They're so last season!'

  9. Congrats! Enjoy bonding with the baby....