Monday, 20 September 2010

Ladybird Books - A Gurgle Girls Review

We recently received an email from Gurgle telling us that we would be receiving a parcel of books from Ladybird for Mister A and Little Miss E. Mister A was really excited and asked about them every single day until the postman arrived with the big brown parcel.

He ripped off the packaging to a jute bag filled with goodies....

For Mister A...

Emergency! Ladybird BIG NOISY Book

As you can imagine this was A's favourite book from the bag.
It's a big board book with detailed pictures of each emergency vehicle. Mister A loves pressing the sound effect buttons as we read through. The pictures of the vehicles are quite detailed so we play a game of "spot" where he has to try and find, for instance, the ladder on the fire engine. Great fun!

Even if I can't read this book to him, A will happily sit and make up his own version!

Mister A thought this book was hilarious and loved guessing which animal each 'bottom' belonged to!

I liked it because it rhymes - all mums love a rhyming book don't they!

It's another board book which is great because A is at that age where he accidentally bends the pages and I have book OCD - I can't bear a folded page or a torn corner!

Spot's Bumper Collection - DVD

We sometimes sit down and watch this to unwind in the evening before Mister A goes off to bed. It's a 1.5 hour DVD with all the best episodes of Spot on one disc to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Spot the Dog.

I can't believe that Spot is 2 years older than me!!

It's a lovely DVD and I have to say I much prefer this to A's latest interest - Ben 10!

For Little Miss E...

Baby Touch: First Focus Cot Book

This is a great cloth book that we put inside E's crib. She loves starting at her reflection in the mirror.

It's specially designed to stimulate your new babies eyesight. Research has shown that babies respond best to bold and high contract colours.

It's double sided and folds down in to a square and the best bit about it is that even with the mirror - it's fully hand washable! Hooray!

Baby Touch: Tickly Tiger Rattle Book

Although she's only a month old we still all sit together and read books and Little Miss E seems fascinated by the colours in this one. She is always alerted too by the sound of the rattle.

MisterA likes to sit read this to Little E when she's in her chair and make up his own story. He'll help her to touch the different textures of the book too!
There's 'something to touch' on each page so it's great for toddlers too!

My lovely children would like to say a big thank you to Ladybird Books and Gurgle for such a lovely goody bag which also included this cute little Spot the Dog toy, a little cuddly Ladybird, a camera and a sticker! And Mummy would like to say thank you for her new Ladybird shopping bag!

E's new cot book and Spot toy

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  1. I have to admit that even though I am working now, whenever I pass by a book store and they sell those books with sounds like the BIG NOISY book, I would go in and read the stories while pressing on the buttons. Maybe this is because I never had a book like this. I grew up reading novels and books but none like this. Well,I did own some nice children's books.