Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Maternity Wear from only £6.00!

It's almost time to don your glad rags and sit down for the biggest meal of the year. When you have a bump it can be a pain running around the shops trying to find the odd piece of maternity wear that each store stocks - even more so if you have a child in tow! Have no fear though, all these outfits can be found online and they are all reasonably priced. Let me know what you think...

Black Cross Over Maxi Dress  £30.00
Corsage Mesh Dress £35.00

French Connection @ ASOS Sequinned Vest Dress NOW £45.50

Mama.Licious @ ASOS Franca Woven Dress NOW £22.00

Mamas and Papas Necklace Top NOW £18.00

Mamas and Papas Silk Prom Dress NOW £30.00

Mamas and Papas Rose Print Top NOW £12.00

Tie Back Dress NOW £10.00
Lace Trim Dress £21.99

George Sequinned Vest Top NOW £6.25

George Lace Maternity Dress NOW £8.00


  1. I absolutely loved the Lace Dress from George, and what a price!!!

  2. I know - just wish I was pregnant so I could buy one! lol