Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oooh look what I just found

First of all I think I should say that this is NOT a sponsored post. I have been known to share sites in return for 'lovelies' but this is not one of those!

I just thought that being the kind soul that I am, I'd share this site with you. (I came across it on my hunt to win an iPad!) Whilst I was there I realised that it was actually a really good place to shop - especially for mums on a budget.

It looks like they host short term 3/4 day offers on branded items  - at the moment they've got Women's Reebok running trainers for only £15.00, some gorgeous converse sportswear, Uggs (not really me but I know some of you love them!) and lots of others.

Well worth a look - if only to try and win the iPad!

Oh nearly forgot to tell you the site! Its www.labelsneak.com xx

1 comment:

  1. ugh i just got new running trainers a month ago, they looks nice as well :( and i bought new uggs in september..not sure if i can afford treating myself to another pair....thanks xox