Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sore Tummies : (

It's been a very strange week this week - the grown ups managed to catch Mister  A's tummy bug and it's not been good to say the least.

I hate feeling under the weather, I get really whiny and grouchy, even more so than usual, but I think we're almost better now.

The week started with a day at the doctors - an early appointment for Little E's second injections and a late night appointment for me to have a smear test - eeeuurrrghhhhh.  I should have known just looking at the diary that the week would start as it meant to go on.

Having a bad tummy is not a good thing when you're booked in for a 'lady exam' and I was extremely worried that I may need to go as soon as I lay on the bed legs akimbo. Imagine being laid down and having to stop everything because you 'have to go'! Luckily it was ok and I had safely left the building before my bubbling tummy re-emerged.

Little E has had it too and the amount of green nappies we've had this week has hit an all time high. She's ok in herself but she must have a sore tummy too.

It's just been a really grim week for all of us, hence me taking a couple of days out to try and get back in the game. We're getting there now and I even managed to persuade Chris to get the tree down from the loft. Hopefully some Christmas type frivolity is just what we all need to bring the smiles back! Watch this space.

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