Monday, 6 December 2010

Mummy, How Will Santa Get In?

A very worried Mister A has been questioning how Father Christmas will get in to our house when we don't have an 'open fire'. I explained, as my mum explained to me, that Santa has a very special magical key that can open our door.

He seemed satisfied that the presents would be able to get in and he didn't question my explanation, in fact he quickly moved on to discussing his Christmas list.

Later that day I overheard Mister A talking to Daddy and he sounded a little confused. I stood behind the door and listened to the tale that was emerging. Daddy was also explaining how Santa would get in - only we hadn't corroborated our stories - and Daddy was telling a much more elaborate story.

Apparently in Daddy's World, Santa's elves come down the chimney and remove the whole fireplace from the wall so that Santa can come in to our house via the traditional method of Chimney diving! I could not contain my giggles - what the hell kind of story is that!? As if the Elves are CORGI registered gas engineers!

I just left them to it because I knew that Mister A would pit us against each other in the Santa stakes and what would we say?! How would be explain our different stories?

Later on Chris and discussed the conversations that we had had about Santa's entry in to our house. He said that my explanation was ridiculous and would leave Mister A thinking that if there was a magical key then it could be used for evil as well as good. Chris is convinced that Mister A would have nightmares worrying that burglars or other bad men could steal the key and get in to our house!

I looked at him in disbelief, being the intelligent soul that Mister A is, he'd probably be more concerned that the elves may leave us with Carbon Monoxide poisoning if they tampered with the fire!

I always thought that Mister A had a very vivid imagination, I guess now I know exactly where he gets it from... Elves taking off the fire place!? Really? lol

How does Santa get in to your house?


  1. we have a magic key cos we have no fireplace of any kind. we put the key with santas chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate (its cold out there!) and he uses his magic to get the key and open the door. as a child we had gas fires but i never wondered how he got down in. i suppose i assumed the gas fire just moved itself magically for santa!

  2. Santa comes out our magical fireplace. We know because last year we recorded him...