Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Crumble

Did I say Christmas Crumble... sorry, I meant Christmas GRUMBLE! Ok, so I lured you here with pudding, but now you're here you may as well hear me moan!

It's less than a week until Christmas Day. My house is a mess.

The only food I've bought is a turkey crown and a tin of Quality Street. The only chocolates left in the Quality Street tin are toffee pennies and golden finger thing-a-me bobs (the one's I don't really like but I'll eat anyway come January when there's no other sweet things in the house because I'm supposed to be dieting).

The snow came, it's still here - too soft to build snowmen but too hard to crumble to allow the car off the drive (see there was a crumble in here after all!)

I'm cold and I can only find one glove.

Half the Christmas presents are lost in the post somewhere, the other half have been 'seen' by Mister A - my fault for putting them all in a big box somewhere I thought he couldn't get to! 

I forgot to put the bin out so it's still full and now there's nowhere for all our Christmas 'mess' to go.

I have to cook on Christmas Day and I can't even have a glass of wine whilst I'm doing it (bloody medication).

On top of all that, I know that as soon as Christmas is done with I'll be 6 weeks off going back to work.

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