Monday, 20 December 2010

Review: Inch Blue Leather Baby Shoes

Recently I was asked if I would like to review some Inch Blue shoes for the children. I'd never heard of them before (naughty me)... So I went off to have a look at their website - - and then excitedly typed a reply.

"Yes, we'd love too!"

In case you're wondering... Inch Blue is a family run business, based in South Wales, that hand make fun and adorable soft leather baby shoes. I had to pick a pair for Little E and a pair for Mister A. It was so tough though because I love all of them! 

Eventually, I chose the 'Love Retro Sparkle' in baby pink for Little E. (Second from the left, below)

But I still couldn't decide which to get for Mister A. I showed him the page and said he was allowed to pick his own. His reaction 'Wow, I want those ones Mummy...."

Yes, he chose the Union Jack ones - and he quite literally hasn't taken them off his feet since they arrived! He loves them, Little E is not so sure - she likes to play games with Mummy by kicking them off!

These Inch Blue shoes are so soft and Mister A says they are really comfortable. If you're anything like me, then the question your asking yourself now is - 'Do they do adult sizes?' - But unfortunately for us grown ups the answer is no : (

So what did I think?

Well, I would never ever in the past have considered spending £17.00 on what I would essentially describe as a slipper - I'm a bit of a cheapskate you see - but this experience has changed me. Seeing these handmade leather slippers has made me envy my children and I would probably pay more than that to get such a fab and fashionable hand-made shoe! Mister A will not be seen without his and I'm confident that once Little E's foot grows a little bit she'll be happy to wear them too. They are great quality, there's so much choice and I'll definitely be going back for more once Little E starts walking. I'm a massive fan!

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