Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Have You Got The Best Blogging Christmas Tree In Town?

After my grumpy post about the early Christmas Tree I've felt a bit Scrooge-like, so in a bid to try and get in to the spirit of things, I've decided to host a Christmas Tree contest!

All you have to do is use the linky below to submit a blog post with a picture of your tree and, if you have time, tell me why your tree is the best blogging Christmas tree around.

You don't have to have the biggest most beautiful tree to win - maybe you've made your own decorations or you're doing something a little different this year? Either way, Second Time Mummy wants to see your trees!!!

The closing date is Christmas Eve - I'm pretty sure you should all have a tree by then - even Sally!

Good luck everyone - there's a prize for the Winner (although I can't tell you what it is yet because I haven't arranged it!)

I can't wait to see them!


  1. Yay! Love this idea! Will be putting my decs up at the weekend and looking forward to seeing everyone else's! :)

  2. Oh I think you'll find mine will be the best. Not that I'm competitive or anything ;-)

  3. Ooo I'm quick of the blocks (the Xmas tree has been up since the weekend) - It's not necessarily the prettiest tree, but my daughter loves it, so that's all that matters!
    Hannah x

  4. I'll never win this. My tree's always shitty but I will win. We don't put ours up until the w/e before though :) xx

  5. I meant I will enter. Duh!

  6. We'll pop back next week with photos when we've got the tree!!

  7. Some fab entries, I love noseying at people's trees. Thanks, Mich x