Sunday, 10 July 2011

Too hot!

Am I the only one that counts down the days to their holidays, moaning about the British weather and then as soon as I arrive at said holiday destination I start to moan about how god damn hot it is and preceed to lock the whole family in the apartment with the air -on on full?


Ok, I´ll stop moaning then.

I´m sat in the reception area of the hotel, I have 7 minutes in which to write and publish this blog. There are no maens to upload pictures so text is all you´re getting. People are peeping over my shoulder and I´m feeling the pressure. It´s so hot, the weather is glorious..still... even though it´s early evening. It´s paradise but in a way I feel strange - no mobile phone, half an hour slots online, NO photo uploading! Eeeek! I love it here but in a way I can´t wait to get home - I miss the security of my laptop and my Twitter friends. Is the British Weather a small price to pay for full time internet and mobile access... not to mention a keyboard with the ´@´ button in the correct `place! It took me 20 minutes to realise I had to press the ´Alt Gr´ button to let me log in!

Right I best go - I have 2 minutes to publish and log out in case someone tries to log in as me! Bye!!

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