Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sort It Out Tesco!!!

Do you know what I HATE? I hate it when I get to Tesco and there are no 'Parent & Child' car park spaces. Do you know what I hate even more? When I look at the cars in the spaces and there are no child seats in the car.

Today I had to park in the main car park - carry Little E in one arm and hold Mister A's hand with the other. There's only one zebra crossing but I have to walk across the car park to get to it. I was seething with rage when I glanced towards the cars in those spaces. One car had 2 children in the back playing video games, one was full of teenagers and 2 had no child seats. As I got to the entrance I saw a man and his 7 year old son go back to another. I was so angry but it's just not me to say anything.

Those spaces are NOT for 'parent and 10 year old child' - they should be called parent & baby spaces because it seems to me there is some kind of misinterpretation of what these spaces are meant for. It's disgusting that they are abused. It would be like me and my mum going to Tesco and rocking up in one of the spaces - well she is my parent - so what if I'm 28?

I hate you, you big car park abusers and next time I'm going to pluck up the courage to tell you!

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