Friday, 1 July 2011

Cybermummy 2011

This time last week I was about to go to sleep all ready for Cybermummy. For those of you that don't know, I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the lovely peeps over at Lego Duplo.
We headed down to London on Friday afternoon - after an unfortunate incident with my car brakes which resulted in a £700 bill. It delayed our travel but we made it to London early evening and even managed to navigate my biggest fear - the London Tube system! We settled at the hotel and had planned to head out for a nice meal but unfortunately we were accused of setting off fire/smoke alarms at the hotel and threatened with eviction unless we paid a 'fine' - full 'extortion' story to follow. After an eventful Friday I managed to get a good night's sleep and was up early ready for the short walk to The Brewery and my first ever trip to Cybermummy. I can't think of a way to describe the feeling of nervousness, excitement and anticipation that I was feeling but the event ended up being everything I imagined plus much, much more.

I met old friends and new, and everyone was just so friendly and just as excited as me. Although I went to the event alone, I never really felt that I was. Some people I had met before at other events and some I'd met in Twitterland but everyone was just so....nice!

I had only been at Cybermummy for around 20 minutes before I was weighed down by huge bags of goodies from the sponsors so I headed to upstairs ready for the conference opener.  I sat down with Maria, Mirka near the front and listened intently to Lord Richard Allan, Facebook’s director of policy's speech. Next up was Sarah Brown, something I had been looking forward to since the announcement months ago. Unfortunately for me, just after I took this photo...

Sarah Brown at Cybermummy

... my boobs began to leak. One night without Little E meant a major flood. Not wanting to leave during the speech I frantically searched my bag for boob tissues... no...nothing. I desperately tried to keep my bra away from my top so as not to get the dreaded wet patch but I couldn't keep up - I was flooded.

As soon as the delightful Mrs B left the stage, I jumped from my seat, headed to the toilet and stuffed my bra full of tissue for the first time since I was about 14! It took me forever to dry my top under the hand dryer and by the time I left the toilet I had missed the book signing - bad times : (  Luckily, after this tweet...

... I received a DM from the lovely lady herself and a signed book plate is on it's way. I love her even more now!

With my top dried, it was time to head down to the P&G Recharge Room. I had an amazing massage and was really excited to spot the fabulous Cherry Healey. We had a good old chat about the best age gap to leave before becoming a 'second time mummy' - I rambled on for at least 20 minutes about the joys of having a baby and a 3 year old and hope she has managed to convince her other half the same! lol

We headed to the first sessions together and watched the first fabulous Marketing Your Blog and Working With Brands sessions in Cybermummy 1. The speeches were so inspiring - particularly those by Karen and Erica and it's made me want to refocus the blog and really make a difference.

Lunch was delish and the I quickly hurried to the Crocs stand for my pedicure appointment...

I was very lucky to also receive a pair of their amazing new Toning Crocswhich I will be packing in my suitcase for my hols! 

I was supposed to head to the SEO session next but I ended up chatting and lost track of time - *naughty *- I did manage to get my hair done by celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas whilst I was skiving though!

The time seemed to go so quickly and before I knew it, it was time for the crowed sourced key notes - AMAZING!! I laughed and cried and that was before I'd even had a glass of wine!

I loved chatting to everyone at the party and it was fab meeting organiser Jen - who laughed at my "I came even though I didn't know there was free wine" comment. As I walked  stumbled back to the hotel I reflected on an amazing day and a great bunch of bloggers and friends - all out there making a difference.

Thanks for an amazing day (and for the amazing haul of free goodies too)!

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