Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's almost carnival time...

So about 6 years ago I signed up to host a BritMums carnival. Panic. Eeeek. What do I have to do??? I'm such an amateur!!

I guess I need some posts from you guys!! I'm hosting on the 19th July so please comment below or email entries to secondtimemum@live.co.uk by midnight on 17th July! Use the subject line 'BritMums Carnival' if you can - you know I like an easy life.

The rules are very simple, one post per blogger that has been written in the last month and no commercial or sponsored posts.  If your post gets included then its considered nice to help publicise it with a post, tweet, link etc.

There is no theme – I just want your fabulous posts!

If you’d like to consider hosting a carnival the list of hosts can be found over here.

See you on the 19th!!

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