Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tight Issues!

Those who work with me may have seen me walking a little differently today. I was struggling with my tights, I pulled them on in the morning rush straight from the drawer. I did think at the time that there was something 'not quite right' but who has time to mess around thinking at that time in the morning - especially when you have children to handover before making the long drive to work? 

Not me.

It was fine during the commute but on the walk from the car to the office, I discovered that the cut of the tights felt a little different than Id usually expect. Normally you just wear tights, you don't think about them  they're just 'there'.

However, today my tights seemed to taunt me. Every time I took a step, my tights may as well have been singing "some thing's not right, some thing's not right" in time with my walk. 

I went to the toilet in case it was just a case of 'twisted leg' - you know when you put  your tights on right on one side but then one leg twists as you put your leg in so the top of the foot  part of the tight should really be at the bottom? Oh dear...  you don't know what I mean do you? God, I'm clearly completely inept and seem to be able to dress myself even less successfully than Chris' attempts to dress the kids!

Anyway, having had such a busy day I had to wait until I got home to investigate the real cause of the issue and it now appears that the problem was...

I was wearing maternity tights... BACKWARDS.

What a numpty! Hopefully this will count as a lucky inside out type mishap and I'm destined to win the lottery on Saturday night.

For now though, I think I'll have to go back to my childhood and get my Mum to come round  each night and lay out my clothes ready for the next day.

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