Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Dad x

This post is dedicated to my amazing Dad - thank you for everything you and Mum do for us and the children, thank you for being so brave, thank you for being you. We don't tell you enough how much we love you, but we do love you... millions!. xxx

My Dad was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer early this year and had to have a cancerous mole removed from his forehead. We were all really shocked and worried to hear the words cancer. We're no stranger to the word - my Nan died from terminal cancer and my sister in law has been affected by it too. For Dad to be told he had skin cancer came as a surprise because he is always so careful in the Sun.

When we were growing up we holidayed in Majorca every year, Dad would always be under the parasol with a cap on reading a book and if he went in the water he's be wearing Factor 50 and a hat. It was a shock to here that word and it certainly scared us all.

Dad has had to have specialist chemotherapy drugs to prevent any further development . Unfortunately as the drugs work on destroying the cancerous cells they also destroy healthy cells too. The drugs are essentially burning away all of the skin on his face leaving him with weeping wounds and he's extremely tender. He is so brave and just continuing with his life as normal whilst the drug works it's magic on him. We're almost at the end of the treatment now - the tumor disintegration phase - so hopefully he's be fully mended by the time we go off on holiday in July. It's made us all sit up and appreciate what we have though- life is so short. I love my family so much and my mid years resolution is to spend more quality time with everyone and tell them all how much I love them... you should tell yours too.

Get well soon Daddy! xx

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