Sunday, 15 May 2011

Review: Leap Frog Maths Adeventure To The Moon DVD

For the past few weeks we have been watching a preview of a brand new DVD - Maths Adventure To The Moon from well known toy brand, Leap Frog.

As you know, Mister A has quite an obsession with his Ben 10 DVDs so I wasn't sure he'd take to watching a DVD based on a couple of frog characters that feature on his baby sister's toys. I explained that this DVD, was a special number DVD, and given that Maths appears to be Mister A's preferred subject he was intrigued.

We put it in the player and sat together to watch. He seemed to take it all in and enjoy it but he didn't really interact with it.

A couple of days later it was DVD time again and he actually asked for 'frogs adventure to the moon'. I put it in the player again and went about trying to tidy the house. When I peaked my head around the door he was engrossed and a couple of minutes later I heard him singing along. At the time I hadn't noticed what exactly he was singing to. I presumed it was the alphabet section but now I realise it was actually the number songs he was singing.

So What's it all about?

Well, Tad and Lily (the frogs) blast off in to space on a big adventure. They have to collect everything they need for their maths project. Throughout the DVD Tad and Lily count, sort and use patterns and numbers and the rhythm of the number songs means that they are quite easy to remember.

What's the Verdict?

After 3 weeks of watching the disc every couple of days I am very pleased and proud to say that Mister A can now sing a number of times tables at the grand old age of 4 and a half - even without the DVD on.

This week when I went to pick the children up from nursery they were pleased as punch - apparently Mister A had been teaching his entire class how to count in 10s! I am so, so happy with this DVD and the affect it has had on my little boy. He thinks it's so much fun to watch and sing along and probably doesn't even realise how clever it's making him.

Leap Frog really has made learning fun with this brilliant curriculum based DVD and I'm confident that when Mister A starts school in September they'll be really impressed with his mathematical skills. I would definitely recommend this to all of you! Go, buy one now, you won't regret it. 

The Science Bit...

DVD Technical Information
• Number of discs: 1
• RRP: £9.99
• Certificate U
• Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
• Running time: 37 Mins Approx
• Special features: The Sorting Game, 4 Sing-along Songs,The Alphabet Song from Let’s Go To School

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