Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review: The Wean Machine

Fellow Mums take note - the wean machine is possibly THE greatest weaning product invented! I am totally in love with mine and Little E seems to enjoy it too.

What is the Wean Machine?

It's a unique feeding gadget that makes baby food wherever you are. It's fully self contained and it couldn't be easier to use - just fill it, squeeze and feed.

I use mine when all the time - at home or even when we're out and about. It's great that I can just grab the Wean Machine and a bit of fruit and go. It has it's own spoon so there's no panic that you've forgotten something to feed with and even if baby doesn't finish the food there's a cover to stop spillages on the way home.

One of the first things we tried in it was banana...

You just place a few slices in, squeeze the Wean Machine and your ready to go! Simples! Little E loved it and it's made foods so much more accessible - there's nothing worse than having to get the blender out for a tiny portion of food.

What's the verdict?

We love it. The Wean Machine helps prepare fresh baby food with no fuss, no mess & no noise. You just fill the bowl 2/3rd's full with soft fruit or suitable cooked foods, squeeze the handles together then spoon feed your baby straight from the bowl. It's great for portion control as the bowl is the size of a young baby's stomach, so you won't have more food than you need and it's great at home or on the move.

The Wean Machine comes with 2 different sized grills so as your baby becomes used to bigger lumps of food you can use the larger size accordingly. It's easy to clean too and it's dishwasher safe. It's become a daily part of life for us and we've even bought one for Grandma's house! A must-have!

Find out more about the Wean Machine or follow Wean machine on Facebook. Wean Machine is available at for £15.00

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