Sunday, 17 April 2011

I Am Still Here, I'm just Quiet

Regular followers will wonder where I am. I haven't posted a personal blog on here for a good few weeks. No excuses... it's my blog... I can choose when I want to write and at the moment I don't want to. Well I do, but I can't. You see there's certain things going on in my life that are eating away at me and I figure, If I can't post happy stuff then I don't want to post at all. I've done a couple of posts at Big Mum > Little Mum about my 2 week old diet and some people may start to think that the diet is causing my angst but that's not the case. Although the lack of chocolate is leaving me feeling a little eurghhhhhhhh.

So I'm gonna go now, probably for a couple more weeks. I'll continue to review because I want to keep the blog going and there's little emotion going on in those little old posts. Hey, I'll call it 'Review Month' and pretend it's an intentional silence.

Don't worry about me though, I'm fine, we're all fine... I'll see you one the other side of this grey cloud.

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