Sunday, 20 February 2011

Review: PlayMais

Playmais is a natural children's craft material which is 100% biodegradable and which does not impose a burden on the environment. It is made from maize, semolina and water, and dyed with natural food colouring. Mister A has been begging me to let him play with these for a few weeks but with going back to work and having Little E in hospital we had to delay. I think my little man was enticed by the colours!

The way the Playmais works are they come with a small piece of orange material that you wet and then wring out. Your then use the moistness of the material to wet the Playmais to stick the pieces together. On the first attempt I may have used a little too much water and the small red piece that I had in my hand began to frazzle from the sheer amount of fluid that I had drowned it in! Mister A seemed a lot more competent and was soon well on his way...

The little pieces didn't make too much of a mess (unless they got too wet) and they did leave a little residue of dye on our fingers and felt a little sticky but it was great fun playing and building with them.

I had thought that perhaps they were a little too old for Mister A but he loved them. They were quite fidgety to begin with but once we knew what we were doing we had lots of giggles building different things - I made a tree but it wasn't my best piece of artwork so I'm refusing to share! Here's Mister A's car though...

It's car! I think it's really good, what about you? These things could certainly keep him entertained for a good few hours on a rainy day and it's great that there's no glue involved! We just used a table mat and other than a quick wipe of that and a wash of the hands we were all cleared up in no time. Great fun, good for the environment and a good price too. Worth a try if you have crafty little ones!

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