Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How many cows there are in a glass of milk?

The latest of Mister A's funnies...

Mister A: Mummy, do you know how many cows there are in a glass of milk?
Me: How many do you think there are Mister A?
Mister A: Erm... 122?
Me: No Alex, there aren't any cows in milk...the cows make the milk...you know that. You don't actually drink the cows do you? (this was meant as a retorical question)
Mister A: Er, you do Mummy, there are tiny cows in my glass of milk.
Me: Really? Well how did they get in there?
Mister A: Well, they shrunk and hid under the milk and then jumped in and splashed.
Me: Oh right, well what were they doing in the milk?
Mister A looks around the room before whispering: They were hiding in there until you weren't looking and then they were going to jump out and eat your phone.
Me: Oh no
Mister A: Don't be sad though - they tried to eat my Ben 10 colouring paper too but they didn't.
Me: Where are they now then?
Mister A: In my tummy, I drank them to stop them eating everything and guess what - they had eyes in the bottom of their legs.

Eeeek scary stuff!! Looks like we were saved just in the nick of time from those mobile phone eating cows! Loving the imagination though!

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