Monday, 7 February 2011

Back To Work After Baby

As you read this I'll be sat at my new desk at work. I'll have been up since 6.00am to ensure that I can be showered and dressed before I wake the children. I'd laid their clothes out ready to avoid the usual 'why are there only odd socks?' panic. The baby bag is packed, the bottles sterilised and ready to go.

The nursery opens at 8.00am so I'll have left at 7.40 to make sure I get there as the door opens - otherwise I won't make it to work on time through the heavy traffic. I'll probably have shed a tear as I left through the big heavy door of the nursery as I embarked on my first journey to work since Little E was born.

It's only been 6 months but it feels like a lifetime since I was sat at my computer all day. Saying that though, it doesn't feel like I've actually been off for six months either - my mind must be playing tricks again. The time has passed far too quickly, I only wish that I could have taken a full year out but we're just not in a position to do that.

So I'm back to work, already, it's all gone too fast. I'm having to start a new job too so I'm going to be like the new girl at school. It's 10 o'clock now so I'm probably still struggling to connect to the network - that's if I've even managed to login. The day will be a blur . I know that my heart will be breaking thinking about my babies at the nursery but I'll cope, of course I will... I'm a mum and that's just what mums do... but it doesn't stop the sadness that I'm feeling inside.

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