Monday, 28 February 2011

The Big Reveal...Makeover Complete!

Now, I feel like I should caveat this picture and say that my hair actually looked a lot better during the shoot. I appear to have meddled with it quite a bit and knocked it a bit off balance when I got dressed but overall I am really pleased... Whether or not I'll be saying that in the morning when I try and style it myself is another matter!

It was such a fun day and everyone at Love It Magazine was great. Lee Stafford was fabulous and we all had a good old laugh chatting about TV over lunch- Take Me Out was a favourite amongst the girls - everyone wants a bit of Paddy love!
When my hair and make up was complete it was time to pick an outfit for the shoot. There was a few to choose from and eventually we settled on a tight fitting coral number with some gorgeous cream and black bow shoes.

Then it was time for the shoot - I hate posing for pictures so I'm not really sure what they'll come out like. All forced smiles and cheesy grins no doubt. After a quick outfit change in to a maxi dress I was being photographed all over again.
The time went so fast and before I knew it I was in a taxi heading back to the train station. And that's where I am now... on the train home... tired, plastered in make up but happy...I think! Oh sorry you wanted to see the picture didn't you. Here you go (but dont forget Id messed one side of my hair up!!)...

What do you think?! The mag pictures will obviously be A LOT better than my effort! And my camera shows up just how much make up models have to wear under those bright lights. Right Im off - honest opinions please!

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