Monday, 28 February 2011

Goodbye #QuinnyCasters

We say goodbye with a picture tribute and poem....

The time has flown it's gone so fast
But our time with the Zapp Xtra has been such a blast
We've loved the challenges - and haven't missed one
We found them all to be so much fun. 

We've loved being Quinnycasters through every task
So what did we think I hear you ask
When now its all over I can definitely say
We use the Zapp Xtra almost every day

And although our Quinnycasting time is through
And we're feeling sad and a little bit blue
Cause it's come to an end on this very day
We won't be sad cause the Zapp's here to stay

It's part of the family, it goes everywhere
Whether sunshine or rain - the Zapp doesn't care
It's our trusty friend but we won't cry
Because for us it's not really goodbye.

It's Little E's favourite, her ride of choice
She told us in her tiny voice
She loves it so much - the Zapp Xtra's the master
and we've loved being part of the fab QUINNYCASTERS!

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