Friday, 17 May 2013

This Summer's MUST HAVE cover up - The Kimono - Top 10 under £25

Right, hands up - who is living in fear that now the sun is starting to make an appearance?

No? Not owning up? Well I am. Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather but my 'bikini body' isn't exactly going to plan. The diet is always starting 'next week' and my gym subscription flutters out of my bank account despite my 2 month absence. For me, Winter's been fab - I've wrapped myself up in chunky knits and hidden my wobbly bits under my winter woolies. But what now?

The suns coming out (gasp) and I can't just hide in the shadows til it goes away. So what's the plan? I can't be seen in my drab black cardi now that we're almost in to summer.

Well don't worry ladies, I have the answer...

 It's totally time to get yourself a kimono.

 A kimono? Yes I know what some of you are thinking...

but no... obviously I am not suggesting that you lose your winter wardrobe and don traditional Japanese dress for the summer - that would just be silly - although a great cover up if you do get desperate!

No... instead I am hear to tell you about this seasons must have item - THE KIMONO STYLE JACKET  - a lightweight cover up that will keep you looking stylish right though the summer months. Perfect if you want to wear a vest top but aren't comfortable flashing the flesh.

Trust me,a kimono is the answer to all of our prayers. It's light, it covers the arms and you can wear it for almost any occasion - it'll keep you looking on trend even if - like me - you've still got a mummy tummy despite giving birth alomost 3 years ago!

Pack one in your suitcase for ultimate versatility - kimono's are perfect as a poolside cover up or as a lightweight jacket for those cool nights at the bar.

And, as I know you lazy lot hate searching around for you're own bargain buys, I've picked my top 10 favourites and they're all under £25...

Emma Multi Ethnic Print Kimono WAS £20.00 NOW £15.00

Next Green Floral Kimono Style Wrap £25

Black Chiffon Kimono £14.99

Rare Butterfly Print Kimono Jacket WAS £35.00 NOW £17.00
Rainbow Print Kimono £8
G21 Sheer Printed Kimono £14
Innocence Black Fringe Kimono WAS £24.99 NOW £17.00
Red Herring Floral Kimono Wrap Jacket WAS £28.00 NOW £22.40
Prophecy Snake Print Kimono WAS £78.00 NOW £20.50

Influence Floral Sheer Kimono Jacket WAS £18.00 NOW £8.00

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