Sunday, 12 May 2013

Should We Have to Pay Nursery Fees for Bank Holidays?

This year when I changed jobs we had to move Little E to a new nursery. I was upset to be moving her but it wasn't practical to keep her somewhere completely out of the way (it used to be on my way to my old work.)

Anyways we were lucky enough to get her in to a fabulous new nursery with a top class OFSTED report so we were happy. Little E continued to attend nursery on the same days that she attended her old nursery - Monday and Friday.

The nursery rates are slightly higher at this nursery but we were happy to pay the extra. However last week I happened to notice on our invoice that we had been charged for the recent Bank Holidays. Now this really got me peeved .

Both Mister A and Little E attended the previous nursery on Mondays and Fridays and we were never asked to pay for the Bank Holiday days.

I decided to take this up with the nursery last week thinking that there had been mistake on the invoice. The nursery owner then advised that there was no mistake and that Bank Holidays were always charged for. I explained that this was unacceptable - we pay for a service and during Bank Holiday no service is provided. The owners response really got my back up - "Well I still have to pay my staff."

It's just not on! Why should I have to pay fees for 5 Bank Holidays totalling £200 each year when the nursery isn't even open? What if I still have to work on those days, what am I supposed to do then? Pay someone else to look after my children at a further cost? I also note that I am expected to pay for the days over Christmas when the nursery is closed! As if!

At the very least I would want the nursery to offer an alternative day of care.

In my opinion the cost of paying staff for Bank Holiday's should be incorporated in to the yearly fees and therefore spread across all of the parents fees across the nursery. Unfortunately, the nursery don't agree and that's why I have decided to change the day that Little E attends. But I am really, really annoyed!!!

I understand now (after much googling!) that it is common practice to charge for these days, but what do you think? Do you have to pay your childcare provided for a service that they aren't providing too? Have you even realised that you're paying for Bank Holidays? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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