Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review: Cars 2 Duplo

As you might already know, Mister A is lucky enough to be a Lego Duplo Expert and regularly reviews (and tests to extreme limits!) lots of Duplo, either giving it the thumbs up or thumbs down.

This time around he received a magnificent haul of Cars 2 Duplo and I have to say these are one set of toys that have been out almost every day. Usually Mister A gets bored after a week or so and certain unfortunate toys are cast to the back of the toy box never to be seen again (sorry Slinky) : (  The Cars 2 Duplo however is even getting a road testing from Little E whose favourite job is to stick together 2 small Duplo pieces and then break them up over and over again.

So... here are the fab sets we were sent....

LEGO Duplo (5829) Cars 2: The Pit Stop

LEGO Duplo (5818) Cars 2: Luigi's Italian Place

LEGO Duplo (5810) Cars 2: Tokyo Racing

LEGO Duplo (5817) Cars 2: Agent Mater

Mister A wasted no time unpacking the pieces but asked the same question as usual. "Muuuu...um...my, why do all the pieces come in different tiny bags." - Now this is something I have often wondered myself. Ever since I was a young girl building my Lego house on Christmas day circa 1988, I have have struggled to work out whether there is any logical wrapping of Lego pieces. I used to think that maybe they were wrapped according to different stages of the build but on several occasions this was proved wrong. Then I thought maybe they were all similar kinds of pieces - like all the long ones were maybe packaged together, but that doesn't seem to be true either. It's not a colour thing either so I'm still left guessing, maybe I'll ask them when we all meet up? Maybe I won't just in case it's really obvious and I look totally silly! Anyway, I don't answer Mister A but instead cause a distraction by opening all the bags - gah - imagine if I've messed up the system by not opening the bags in the order they were intended. I guess we'll never know!

Anyway, I digress. Mister A has been playing with these sets for a good couple of months now and he literally LOVES them. His particular favourite is the 'Agent Mater' - this is because it fires missiles.*

He absolutely loves setting them all up on his 'car mat' and wheeling them round doing diff rent voices for each character so they're really stimulating his imagination. He loves that he can build the sets himself (even if Daddy does try to get involved!) and more often than not he constructs what he calls a 'mega-garage' out of all the Duplo bricks from all of these and previous sets - very creative. Unfortunately, Little E thinks it's hysterical to obliterate said structure and the mayhem commences.

All in all these Duplo sets come highly recommended by Mister A and slowly but surely Little E too. A big thumbs up from us - hours of silence can be had when Mister A is in construction mode. Go buy...NOW!!

*Mister A has since been banned from using Agent Mater within a 5 metre radius of his sister due to several 'accidental' hits. "But Mummy, I didn't mean to hit her, she moved in front of the missile" - you get the picture!

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