Monday, 1 October 2012

Weight Watchers Challenge #WWBack2Best

Life is a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and everything seems to be going at about 100 mph. Work is sooooo busy, weekends fly by and the Summer has already been replaced by rainy days and freezing cold weather. I feel like I haven't written a blog about 'me' for ages but that's all about to change.... because thanks to BritMums I am now fully pledged up to take the WeightWatchers "Back 2 Best" Challenge.

I've always been a bit of a yo-yo dieter. My weight has been up and down since I was about 22. I ballooned back then after having the contraceptive injection and eventually used WeightWatchers online to take me back down to a slender size 10. Then after having Mister A in 2007 my weight took me up to a size 14 and WW helped me again. Gradually I piled the pounds back on but managed to lose almost 2 stone during my month long holiday to Singapore (yes - I know - on a holiday!!) That was in 2009 and that was probably the last time I was actually happy with my weight. I felt confident with my body and it showed. It was a few months later that I fell pregnant with Little E and the rest they say... is history!

I did go to my local WeightWatchers class after having my daughter. I was focused and my leader Deb was amazing but when she moved on, class wasn't the same and I found myself missing classes and not counting points.

This time I'm motivated by the trip of a lifetime that's booked for April. Me and the man are off to Thailand on a 5* adventure that I won (that's another story!) - so basically I have 7 months to lose 2 and a half stone and keep it off. I'm determined to get close by the time we hit Christmas.

Friday was my first time on the scales in quite sometime. Eeek... here's my starting weight....

12stone 4lbs

There, it's out there now. So everyone can see. And that means I have no choice to lose weight because I dont want to be that heavy ever again.

The best thing for me about this challenge is that I can do it all via an app, which means there's no excuses. My phone is with me at all times so therfore I always know where I'm up to with my points and I can always check points on thinks BEFORE I eat them rather than panicing afterwards!

Every Friday I will weigh in and post aboutt my progress - there's no escape! And if you're inspired to get slim or Christmas then why don't you join me? You too can sign up - and guess what - it's just £1 and you can trial the app for free (subject to T&C's) just head over to

Go on join me! And wish me luck!!

Disclaimer: I have been provided with 6 months weightwatchers membership free of charge along with a  hamper of WW goodies to allow me to begin my journey.

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