Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving: Ben 10 and Hello Kitty

This year we decided to buy 2 large pumpkins for ther Halloween festivities. I was all set to make them as scary and ghoulish as possible until the children got involved. They decided they wanted their own special pumpkins based on their favourite things... Hello Kitty for Little E and Ben 10 for Mister A.

Great... there goes my relaxing evening... so last night I carefully carved (as requested) 2 of the greatest pumpkins that I possibly could....

I am so so proud of them! They were easier than they look too. I did use some print off's to help me. I popped the paper up against the pumpkin and used a knife to score where I needed to cut...

And after a couple of hours the pumpkins were ready to light...

The children love them too! Mucho brownie points for me!

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