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Amazing Smoothie Recipes

In the lead up to the Olympics, Aldi worked with leading nutritionist Angela Dowden to create a range of energy enhancing and nourishing drinks recipes, perfect to help any athlete claim the top prize this Summer.

Prior to the start of the games Angela, Aldi’s Consultant Nutritionist, said: “The nation is rooting for Tom and the rest of the team, so we came up with the idea to create the range of refreshing yet healthy shakes to show our support. As well all the Healthy Hydrator, we also have The Wonder Woman Shake, The Age Defier and The ’Mo’tivator. So whether you need a quick boost or that extra lift of nourishment, Aldi has the perfect shake to lend a helping hand this summer.

“I would encourage aspiring sports stars to think twice before they reach for a bottled sports drink in the shops. There is far more nutritional value in shakes like the ones I have developed that are made from fresh produce – and they’re much cheaper, too. Remember that these recipes also contribute to your five a day.”

Aldi very kindly sent us a voucher to try out a couple of the recipes ourselves our smoothie is the one at the top of the post! - I know, it' looks good doesn't it – and it was so easy to make! Try one yourself….

Tom’s Healthy Hydrator

89 cals, 1.9g protein, 19.3g carbohydrate, 0.6g fat, 2.9g fibre
Cost per portion: approx. 46p

100g kiwi flesh (approx one and a half kiwis)
(Kiwi Fruit - 89p, pack of six 80g
2 inch measure of cucumber
(Cucumber - 49p each)
40g seedless red grapes
(Seedless Red Grapes - £1.39, 500g)

It has the same carbohydrate concentration as a commercial isotonic drink designed to deliver optimum fluid and energy - but it’s healthier as it’s also packed with vitamin C and two and a half fruit/veg portions. The potassium it contains will enable fluid to empty quickly from the stomach and promote fluid absorption from the intestine, helping with the overall goal of staying hydrated.

The ‘Mo’tivater

139 cals, 3g protein, 31.3g carbohydrate, 0.4g fat, 6.4g fibre.
Cost per portion: approx. 77p

100ml orange juice
(Del Rivo Orange Juice - £1.29, 1 litre
2 fresh or tinned pineapple rings
(Pineapple Slices - 47p, 225g)
130g strawberries or raspberries
(Strawberries - £1.49, 400g or Raspberries – 99p, 150g)
¼ of a banana •
                                       (Bananas – 68p per kg)

Rich in natural sugars. If you haven’t eaten for a couple of hours, it’s the perfect energy top up for drinking shortly before your workout or run. It contains antioxidant-rich berries and citrus, which also help zap the extra free radicals you produce when you do aerobic exercise. A good source of fibre which slows stomach-emptying. So though you’ll get some immediate energy, it’ll carry through too.

The Relay Wonder Woman Shake 

193 cals, 5.9g protein, 30.4g carbohydrate, 5.6g fat, 2.9g fibre
Cost per portion: 83p

100g mango flesh (approx half a mango)
(Mango – 89p each)
75ml skimmed milk
(Skimmed Milk – 79p, 2 pints)
75ml orange juice
(Del Rivo Orange Juice - £1.29, 1 litre)
25g spinach leaves
(Spinach – 79p, 200g)
                                        10g natural cashew nuts
                                        (Cashew nuts – 99p)
                                        150g Juice of half a lime
                                        (Limes – 69p each)

This one is a good source of iron required for keeping the body energised – over a fifth of women aged 19-64 have intakes of iron below the lower reference nutrient intake - defined as the amount insufficient for all but 3% of the population. It also boosts intake of calcium for healthy bones, and antioxidants for healthy skin and immune system. Team with a pot of yogurt or cereal bar to double as a light meal for women who are weight-watching.

The Age Defier

229 cals, 6.8g protein, 29.7g carbohydrate, 9.2g fat, 2.7g fibre
Cost per portion: approx. 76p

125ml pomegranate juice drink
(Pomegranate Juice Drink – 79p, 1 litre)
100g blueberries
(Blueberries – 69p, 150g)
75g (3 heaped tablespoons) low fat Greek style yogurt
(Low Fat Greek Style Yoghurt – 79p)
500g 10g walnuts
(Walnut Pieces- £1.79, 200g)

Blueberries and pomegranates are packed with antioxidants that play a role in keeping cells healthy as we age. One study showed that drinking a lot of pomegranate juice increased levels of testosterone which can enhance physical performance. The walnuts provide omega-3 fats for keeping inflamation at bay and joints healthy. Why not try one for breakfast if you’re working out mid morning, or as a recovery drink.

Disclosure: Aldi sent us a £10 voucher to enable to try out the recipes for ourselves.

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