Monday, 23 January 2012

How To Make a Ben 10 Paper Mâché Mask: Swampfire

It's no secret that Mister A is a huge Ben 10 fan, so when I was trying to think of something fun to do on a rainy weekend I immediatey thought of making a mask. We sat down together to look through the books and Mister A chose one of his favourite aliens... Swampfire.

This post is a step by step guide to how we made the mask from scratch.

You will need:
1 balloon
1 newspaper cut in to small rectangles
Kitchen roll cut in to small rectangles
PVA glue mixed with water
Paint - red, yellow, green and white
Tissue Paper (we used peacock blue from Paper Chase)

Blow up the balloon to just larger than 'the head' that the mask is for.

Rest the balloon in an empty bowl. Using a brush, add the PVA glue mixture to the balloon and start to add the newspaper strips, overlapping each piece. Cover each strip with more PVA glue.

Cover the balloon and leave to dry. We did 3 layers of newspaper, drying completely between each layer, followed by a layer of kitchen paper and then 1 later of peacock blue tissue paper.

In between drying your layers you can start to cut out the pieces of your mask from the cereal boxes...

Paint the pieces and leave to dry

Once painted your pieces are ready to stick but first you will need to cut a section from the back of the mask so that it can fit on to your child's head (see final image)

 To glue: First take the yellow centre piece and glue it in to position

Leave to dry, then glue the red horns in to place

Once dry glue the final flames on to the mask

Then glue the eyes on to the mask and again, leave to dry

Next cut out a mouth from the mask and outline with white paint.

Finally, add one happy boy....

Well that's it folks, it takes a bit of time and patience but it's all worth it in the end. Let me know if you make one of your own, or even if you jave a request for our next mask!

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