Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Funny

Over the past year or so Mister A has struggled with the concept of jokes. I can't tell you how many "Why did the [insert random object here] cross the road?" *cue raucious giggles* Because his friends were on the other side!! *cue further laughter from eldest as he thinks he's the new Jimmy Carr*

No matter how many times I try and explain how a joke works and that it has to be funny and he can't really just make up his own punch lines - it seems to just go right over his head... UNTIL NOW.

Yesterday, Mister A came to me looking rather excited. "Mummy, mummy, I've got a joke for you..." I won't lie... I did begin to muster up my fake laugh. "Go on then, what's the joke?"

Why did the flamingo stand on one leg?

I don't know, Mister A, why did the famingo stand on one leg?

Because he'd fall over if he didn't!

Well I nearly cried!! An actual joke... can you believe it... I'm so proud!!

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