Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The One Where I Join Team Honk for the @SportRelief ‪#‎TeamHonkRelay‬

Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

So Ive only gone and done it again - signed up for a charity sporting event without really thinking properly about it! Yes, again! This time I have officially signed up as a member of the 2014 Sport Relief #TeamHonkRelay

So what's the #TeamHonkRelay then?

Well, it's a person to person relay from Land’s End to John O’Groats with a route of nearly 3,000 miles that will involve nearly 200 bloggers, plus their family and friends!

The relay started back on 12th January in Cornwall... the baton is slowly making it's way up the country with the baton reaching me on Sunday 9th March via Ruth who's transporting the bike from Standish. Chris and I will give the baton a bed for the night. Then on Monday morning myself & my lovely husband will cycle around 15 miles to pass the baton on to Angela from This Is Life in Leyland.

But 15 miles on a bike... that's easy isn't it?

Well...those of you that know me will know that I'm rubbish on a bike... and that I'm not the smallest or fittest of peeps but I'm still willing to give it a go. Aside from the body issues the only bike I own is the one I got for my 15th birthday from my mum & dad!!

So if you want to see me ride 15 miles on a bike I got when I was at school... wearing a onesie... knowing that my seat is smaller than one bum cheek... then please please donate to our team fundraising page now>> http://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/cheshireteamhonk!!

But what's it all for?

The aim of the Relay is to raise over £20,000 for Sport Relief. As one of the biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active raise cash and change lives. The money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help transform the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people both at home in the UK and across the world.

How can you get involved?

It's not too late to do some fund raising of your own. Order your free fundraising pack here> http://www.sportrelief.com/order-stuff

The first ever Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games take place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March 2014. The public can join the fun and games by running, swimming or cycling their way to raising cash at over a thousand venues around the country, including the landmark events at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Good luck in whatever you do!!!

Sponsor us now... please???!!!

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