Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Make a Bit of Extra Cash for Christmas

It's only 15 weeks until Christmas and already I'm in a panic about where we are going to find the extra cash for the festive season. There's the presents, the food, extra petrol for visiting all the relatives, not to mention the trip to grotto and the obligatory works night out! Money is tighter than ever so I wanted to share some great ways of making a bit of extra cash for Christmas...

Claim Cashback on Your Purchases

Let's face it, we're all spending, but some of us area little bit savvy when we do. I am a huge fan of Quidco. I joined at the start of the year and already I've earned £150. Every time I shop online I head to their website first to get an idea of the best deals then, provided I head to the stores website via their site, I earn cashback! It's particularly good when you're buying any type of insurance product or a deal with a tie-in like a mobile phone contract or a broadband deal but the pennies soon stack up on all the little purchases too. I'll be doing all of my Christmas shopping using the app so come January I'll have some extra money to look forward to.

Complete 'Paid For' Surveys

The internet offers huge amount of balance-boosting opps. I joined and many years ago - they reward you for your feedback and reviews either by cash or store vouchers. Once you’ve registered on the website, you get sent surveys that match your personal profile. Generally you can earn between 10p and £2 per survey dependent on the time it takes to fill out - it's a gradual earner but it feels like free money to me.

Become a Researcher

You may not have heard of Any Question Answered (, but they are often on the lookout for internet researchers. It all works when a customer asks a question via text from their mobile phone - it’s the researcher’s job to hunt out the answer and reply online. It's a fab way to earn some extra dough - you can choose your own hours and the questions you answer, and can earn around 30p for every question you answer correctly. Check out their vacancies page for more information.

Review Unsigned Bands

If you love music then check out - it's a music website that pays 'scouts' to review unsigned bands. It's so easy: just sign up, listen to a track, rate it and write an honest review based on lyrics, harmony, vocals, melody, arrangement, instrumentals etc (you only hear it once so you have to review it then and there). To start with you get $0.15 per review (around 9p), but the more reviews you make the more you get paid – experienced scouts can earn 25p per song. It's well worth a look for any music lover needing some extra pennies.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Chances are you house is full of hundreds of things you don't need any more, whether its cds, toys, clothes baby gear now that your kids have grown up, we all have bits that are surplus to requirements. This is the ideal time to take a step in to the world of car-booting. Take a weekend out of your busy schedule and dedicate you time to pulling everything together ready for one early Sunday morning of selling. It's a fab way of earning some extra money for very little effort. However if getting up at the crack of dawn isn't your thing then try music magpie - they'll buy all of your old computer games and DVDs and they'll even give you cash for clothes!

So there you have it - 5 ways to make some mular with very little effort required. What are you waiting for - go now - go and spread your little extra earning wings!

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