Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The One Where I Hit a Gatepost

So, something funny bad happened the other week but I can only just bring myself to tell you about it now because it was really rather embarrassing. 
To give you a bit of background, for the past five years we have lived on a main road. The thing about living on a main road is that at certain times of day it's so hard even just to get on and off your own driveway and so I'm constantly worrying about accidents. I see them a lot on my route to work, however you never expect to have an incident before you've even left your own driveway!!

So yeah, on the morning in question I was on my way to drop Mister A off at Breakfast Club before heading to work. As all of you mums will know, mornings are often hectic so I was a little stressed anyway. But I really don't know what happened next.

I pulled off the driveway to turn left as I do every morning and then..... crrrrreeeeeee... I hear a horrible, horrible noise before I'm fully turned off the drive. I realise immediately that in my bid to avoid hitting a car travelling at great speed on the opposite side of the road, I have turned too sharply and scraped my car down next doors gatepost. I pull over and check that Mister A is ok - not wanting to get out and look at the damage. He's fine so I continue to the school. It's only when I get there that I dare to take a peek....


There's full on dent as well as scrapes and scratches right down the length of the car. What am I going to tell Chris?!

By lunchtime I pluck up the courage to call him. "Hi, erm, I had a little accident this morning, I may have scratched the car a little on next doors gatepost..."

He was fine about it "Don't panic, as long as you're ok.... yadda yadda" and that is where I thought the story ended.

But it didn't.

You see about half an hour later I got this text message from my wonderful husband...

Only it turns out he wasn't lying. Yes, not only did I scrape my car past the gatepost - I took it down - and then drove off!!!

I hit Gary Gatepost and run
And as if the embarrassment of hitting it wasn't bad enough I had performed the ultimate crime - a hit and run on Gary the gatepost. So at 5 o'clock I drove home and then had to knock next door. CRINGE.

"Hi... erm you see that... *points to dead gatepost* yeah, I think I did it."

I explained how I didn't realise I'd knocked it down and apologised... A LOT. Totes embarrassing as I'm sure you can imagine. Luckily I have nice neighbours so there wasn't any beef but I'll certainly be a lot more careful from now on.

Good news though guys, Gary gatepost's back to full health now. Lucky for him, I took him down without so much as a broken brick (I got skills innit!) so he's been hoisted back in to place a glued back in with a bit of Pritt Stick. Winners.

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