Saturday, 26 December 2009

So this is my first ever blog and I am pleased to announce that I am 5-6 weeks pregnant with my second child. Chris and I (that's my fiance!) have been "trying" for a couple of months but on Thursday 17th December I did a First Response test and it was positive!!!

We already have an amazing 2 year old, "Mister A", he'll be 3 next month and he's so funny. Unable to contain my excitment I decided to test the water and tell him that "Mummy has a baby in her tummy" His response? "Spit it out mummy...quick!" It's true - kids do say the funniest things!

So i'll keep posting on here as a diary of my pregnancy, for other pregnant mums and for anyone else that wants to read. Enjoy!!


  1. Yes !! Kids bring a lot of joy to our lives..

  2. I know - you wonder what you ever did without them!