Monday, 24 December 2012

A Quick and Easy Way to Wrap a Beautiful Gift

I was recently tasked with making a How to... video for Scotch UK - you know the makers of all thing wrapping related. I chose to make my video on 'How to wrap beautiful gifts...' The video was a lot of fun to make and the children enjoyed getting involved too. Then disaster struck, the video file wouldn't upload as it became corrupt. Gutted. So I had to re-make the video alone with only my Dad to (try) and hold the camera steady. Therefore this is the last minute gift wrappers guide to wrapping beautiful gifts FAST!

Measure around your gift using string to ensure you cut the right amount of gift wrap.
Fold edges over to ensure straight edge - no wiggly edges from uneven cutting!
Use Scotch double sided tape for a perfect no tape finish.
Top with a home made bow for that premium feel.

Disclosure. I received a payment in return for making this video.

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