Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feel Unique: Why I Want to Go To London Fashion Week

As you know, I love my fashion and one of the things on my ‘30 Thing’s to do before I’m 30 List’ is watch a catwalk show at London Fashion Week.

Now, given that London Fashion Week is upon us and I have no way in the world of even affording a trip to London never mind trying to wing my way in to one of the shows, I had given up all hope and was all set to amend my list to 29 things to do before your 30… hmmm… doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it does it?

Now I’m not precious, at this stage I wouldn’t even be bothered about who’s show it was... BUT… if you were to say it was the Kristian Aadnevik show and there was a possibility that by writing this blog post that I could win tickets to his show then I’d probably… *FAINTS*

Kristian has the most amazing SS12 collection, his range is stunning, sexy and more importantly wearable. Yes, you heard me correctly… I said wearable. You see his collection has some stunning pieces that even us normos (dare I say it normo mums) could actually be seen wearing on a night out with friends.

Kristian is one of my favourite designers, I've watched him closely since Cheryl donned one of his amazing dresses on the X-Factor a couple of years ago - I would so LOVE to see his show - it'd be a dream come true!

This is my entry in to the Feel Unique Be A Fashion Blogger for A Day Competition

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